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One of these ‘Power Tools’ is a little known application called Google Sites. With Google Sites, you can create a professional looking website… FOR FREE!

YUP! No Cost Hosting, No Expensive Software To Purchase & All Your Google Sites Will Look Great On Any Device!

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As per Google:

Build internal project hubs, team sites, public-facing websites, and more—all without designer, programmer, or IT help. With the new Google Sites, building websites is easy. Just drag content where you need it.

When you create a new site, it’s automatically added to Drive, like your other files stored in Drive. You can edit a Google Site together with someone else in real time, and see each other’s changes live. Publish the site for everyone to see, or restrict sharing permissions and make the site accessible only to people you want to share it with, like vendors or suppliers.

Google Sites websites are responsive, which means they’re optimized for tablets and smartphones, too.

This course let’s you “look over the shoulder” how to build a Google site.

Here are the 20 video training instructions you will get in this course:

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction 3:09
Module 2 Setup Google Account
Unit 1 Setup Google Account 2:45
Module 3 Quick Google Sites Tour
Unit 1 Quick Google Sites Tour 3:30
Module 4 Quick Basic Site Build
Unit 1 Quick Basic Site Build 3:09
Module 5 Choose & Customize Your Theme
Unit 1 Choose & Customize Your Theme 4:33
Module 6 Choose & Customize Your Header
Unit 1 Choose & Customize Your Header 5:06
Module 7 Setting Up The Homepage
Unit 1 Setting Up The Homepage 2:45
Module 8 Adding Pages
Unit 1 Adding Pages 3:17
Module 9 Adding Sub-Pages
Unit 1 Adding Sub-Pages 3:16
Module 10 Site Navigation & Adding Links
Unit 1 Site Navigation & Adding Links 4:34
Module 11 Adding Element Components
Unit 1 Adding Element Components 2:57
Module 12 Adding Images
Unit 1 Adding Images 4:23
Module 13 Customizing Page Content
Unit 1 Customizing Page Content 7:06
Module 14 Adding Google Products
Unit 1 Adding Google Products 5:29
Module 15 Adding Custom Code To Your Pages
Unit 1 Adding Custom Code To Your Pages 7:54
Module 16 Adding a Contact Us Form/Page
Unit 1 Adding a Contact Us Form/Page 6:33
Module 17 Adding & Customizing A Footer
Unit 1 Adding & Customizing A Footer 4:26
Module 18 Adding Site Logo
Unit 1 Adding Site Logo 3:41
Module 19 Adding a Site Favicon
Unit 1 Adding a Site Favicon 2:00
Module 20 Publishing Your Site
Unit 1 Publishing Your Site 6:00

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