WPM04-Localhosting WordPress Site


Localhosting WordPress Site shows you the steps in setting up a fully functioning WordPress site on your computer. This is where you can learn and test things on your localhosted WordPress site. Do your testing here instead of your live site and once you see everything works, then do those customizations or code tweaks on your live site. Plus you’ll learn how to move your localhosted site to your live host and vice versa.

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Module 1WPM04-Localhosting your WordPress site
Unit 14.1 Local vs Online 2:54
Unit 24.2 Why I Chose XAMPP 3:32
Unit 34.3 Installing Free ServerPress 8:27
Unit 44.4 Uninstalling Free ServerPress 4:12
Unit 54.5 Installing XAMPP 3:33
Unit 64.6 Start XAMPP As Admin 3:27
Unit 74.7 Install WordPress With Bitnami (not the best method) 6:27
Unit 84.8 Install WordPress Without Bitnami (the best method) 6:59
Unit 94.9 Quick & Simple Backups 3:44
Unit 104.10 Moving Live WordPress Site To Local 7:42
Unit 114.11 Troubleshooting-Can Not Login On Local After Move 2:57
Unit 124.12 Move Local WordPress Site To Live 10:46
Unit 134.13 Troubleshooting-Increase Max Size Of File Uploads 2:42
Unit 144.14 Troubleshooting-General Issues 3:57
Unit 154.15 Troubleshooting – Fixing Windows Firewall Blocking Install Error 1:08
Unit 164.16 Troubleshooting – Fixing Port Conflicts pt 1 (Why) 2:52
Unit 174.17 Troubleshooting – Fixing Port Conflicts pt 2 (How) 4:49
Unit 184.18 Troubleshooting – Fixing Port Conflicts pt 3 (Fix WordPress After Port Change) 6:59
Unit 194.19 Troubleshooting – XAMPP Control Panel Red X’s 2:37
Unit 204.20 Configure XAMPP Console 2:56


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