Case Study #2: Domain Investing

Some two years back I discovered one new passion of mine about finding good and valuable domains available for registration.

Many people would think that all the good domains are already taken and the truth is that the most valuable one’s are but you would be surprised how many good domains are still out there and available to be registered.

Some days I used to spend more than eight hours manually searching for such domains with more or with less luck and sometimes I would be hitting the jackpot by finding a premium domain for less than $10.

One year later, after realizing how much time I was spending on this activity I developed a software which allowed me to at least 100X+ speed up my search and that is not an exaggeration. Now, what used to take me eight hours I can easily do in about 5-10 minutes because I have prepared my software with data that I can reuse in any of my new searches.

I can quickly check thousands of domains and see which are taken, which are available, who owns the registered domains, how much are the still available domains worth in the market and then quickly add to the cart and purchase those I like and then move to another task.

This tool literally saves me a whole day of manual work. On top of that I can now check thousands of domains within minutes and I can find more valuable domains in much less time. This would be impossible without having my tool developed.

Here is a screenshot of one of my domain accounts on about 100+ (premium) domains (green box) worth some $100K+.

This shows that with right tools you can find premium domains for as little as $10 per domain.

I will add a video later showing you how in matter of minutes I find several domains with combined worth of over $2K.

More info and screen-shoots coming soon…