Why WordPress?

WordPress is a simple and free Content Management System with numerous features and ample customization possibilities. It can be used to develop any kind of website, be it for a small business or for a large enterprise.

Besides the list below see some stats and purpose of creating this WordPress E-Learning platform.

  1. WordPress is a universal platform
  2. Easy to use
  3. Easy to setup
  4. Easy to update
  5. Easy to manage
  6. Reliable
  7. Cost effective and flexible
  8. Great accessibility
  9. Good time management
  10. Boosts creativity
  11. Learning WP is simple
  12. Lot of functionalities for low cost
  13. Multi-user capability
  14. Inexpensive to run and maintain
  15. Ease of printing
  16. Blogging is built-in
  17. Large support community
  18. Innovative and stable
  19. Scalable
  20. Fast and efficient
  21. Open source
  22. Manage WP from any PC
  23. Quickly to make basic changes
  24. Sends out automatic notifications
  25. Intuitive and user friendly backend
  26. Design consistency
  27. Control multi-site from one admin
  28. Design flexibility
  29. Free themes
  30. Integrates WooCommerce
  31. Not HTML editing or FTP software required
  32. Quick installation
  33. Widgets
  34. Easy plugin updates
  35. Intuitive tools
  36. Build in RSS feeds
  37. Synchronization With Popular Resources
  38. Drag-and-Drop Media File Uploader
  39. Quick Disable and Enable Options For Plugins:
  40. Customizable Pagination
  41. Ability To Create Customized Categories
  42. Customized Sidebars and Footer
  43. Allows You To Easily Add Images and Videos
  44. Extensive Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  45. Easy Adjustment Of Web Page Layouts
  46. Built-in Search Feature
  47. Tonnes Of Free Useful Plugins
  48. Quicker Development Cycle
  49. Free Upgrades
  50. Offers Clean Codes
  51. Airtight Security
  52. Regular Software Updates
  53. Strong Monitor For Malware
  54. Tonnes Of Free Security Plugins
  55. Robust Password Protection
  56. Default Tools To Fight Spam
  57. Easy Integration Of SSL Certificate
  58. Backups
  59. Control Over User Access
  60. Ability To Hide Specific Pages
  61. SEO-Friendly
  62. Google Loves WordPress
  63. It’s Mobile Optimized
  64. Is Compatible Across All Browsers
  65. Keeps Your Website Up-to-date
  66. More Brand Awareness
  67. URL Structure
  68. Improve Brand Credibility
  69. Ability To Alter Permalinks
  70. Easy Ad Management
  71. Allows Pingbacks
  72. Option To Add H1 Tags
  73. WordPress Can Optimize Images
  74. WordPress Helps Improve Website’s Speed
  75. Allows You To Create Tags
  76. Effortless Interlinking
  77. Google Sitemaps
  78. Easy Content Management
  79. Distraction-free Writing Mode
  80. Automatically Saves As you Type
  81. Allows You To Save Your Content As A Draft
  82. Enhances Content Workflow
  83. Publish Content With One-click
  84. Customize Post Editor Feature
  85. Provides a Preview Option
  86. Makes Organizing Content Easy
  87. Filters Duplicate Content
  88. WordPress Revisions
  89. Default Blog Comments
  90. Makes Integrating Multimedia Easy
  91. Split Long Post Into Multi-pages
  92. Automated Content Syndication
  93. Social Media Integration
  94. Ability To Share Post On Multiple Social Platform
  95. Easy Engagement With Your Audience
  96. Scheduling Post
  97. Integrated Social Bookmarking and Sharing Buttons
  98. Short URL and Analytics Tracking
  99. Easy To Switch Hosting Provider
  100. Ample Of eCommerce Solutions
  101. Suits Everyone From Blogger To Big Businesses
  102. Migrating A Website To WordPress Is Easy
  103. Allows You To Create Multi-Language Website
  104. Ideal for Non-Profit Organization

Besides this list see some stats and purpose of creating this WordPress E-Learning platform.