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WordPress eCommerce is what many of us are mainly interested in when it comes to WordPress. How Can I Make Money? The training in this section will introduce you to a couple of no-cost tools that allows you to build a small one-person online shop or you can easily scale it up to a huge enterprise.

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Module 1WPM11-WordPress eCommerce
Unit 111.1 What Is eCommerce 3:30
Unit 211.2 Pre-Setup Checklist 3:02
Unit 311.3 WooCommerce Install Part 1 4:46
Unit 411.4 WooCommerce Install Part 2 (WP Settings & Basic Cleanup) 2:41
Unit 511.5 WooCommerce Install Part 3 (Manually Setup Payment Options) 4:37
Unit 611.6 WooCommerce Settings-General Tab 3:49
Unit 711.7 WooCommerce Settings-Products Tab 8:52
Unit 811.8 WooCommerce Settings-Taxes Tab 6:16
Unit 911.9 WooCommerce Settings-Tabs (The rest of them – Shipping, Checkout…) 4:51
Unit 1011.10 WooCommerce Add Demo Content 2:33
Unit 1111.11 WooCommerce Add Theme 4:19
Unit 1211.12 WooCommerce Create Dropship Account 4:59
Unit 1311.13 Connect To Our Store 4:47
Unit 1411.14 Product Ideas 3:14
Unit 1511.15 Master The Mockup 5:52
Unit 1611.16 Adding A Product To Our eStore 4:33
Unit 1711.17 Running A Test Purchase (& Buying A Sample) 2:26


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