6-Critical Points Every Website Must Have


Without these 6 critical points there is no good website and there will be lot of problems getting other things right (advertising & conversions). These are absolutely essential and have to be in place so you can build on it. Get this guide and implement it in your website to get better business results and to avoid Search Engine penalties and Advertising Network account shut-downs.

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What is inside this PDF?

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For every of the six CRITICAL website points you will find the point explanation, penalty for non-compliance and how to resolve the issue (including images and resources for further help). This is a great document that will save you lot of research and learning since it is based on many years of experience and condensed into a 9-page document.

  1. Website Speed => why your website should not load longer than 2-3 seconds?
  2. Trust => There are two types of trust customers are looking for. Find out what they are…
  3. SEO optimized => There are also two types of SEO and why is it so valuable?
  4. Market-Match => How wrong customer targeting affects your website along with hurting your budget.
  5. UX (user interface) – don’t make me think! – how to make your visitors take the action you want.
  6. Legal Pages & Disclaimers – the unavoidable “boring stuff” that can break your advertising if not implemented.

You cannot make your website do anything you want until you get these things in order. It is like a car that needs wheels, brakes, gas, oil and so on to run otherwise you will not move anywhere…

Do not wait, get it now…

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