7 Critical Website Features

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Avoid Search Engine Penalties & Advertising Account Shutdowns

High overview with specific implementations on the critical features your website has to have to win on the internet today. As the online game gets more complex and competitive, this short guide will point out the critical corners you have to cover to give your (WordPress) website a chance to have a purpose.

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7 Critical Website Features: Avoid Search Engine Penalties & Advertising Account Shutdowns (CAS Book 101)

This book’s angles:

  • The tech angle (website features: speed, layout, advertising)7 Critical Website Features Kindle Book
  • The search engine angle (SEO)
  • The users angle (UI/UX, trust, audience)
  • The advertising networks angle (haves, don’ts)
  • Legal angle (legal pages, disclaimers)


This book is short but packed with value – some 20 pages of actual text and goes right to the point for each feature. Each section has a(n) (empty) notes page for you to use to take notes about implementation you did on a particular chapter.Furthermore the author offers help in several forms for those who would like to but cannot implement some or all of the features in their website(s).Looking forward to your reviews to improve the book even more.


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