The Knowledge Business Blueprint

The First Ever Course & Software Designed To Launch The Beginner Or Scale The Expert Into Next Level Profits And Impact. It’s Time YOU Flip Your Success Switch To ON And Jump Into The $355,000,000 A Day Knowledge Industry!!



The Course Layout

  • Tony Robbin’s Secrets To Success – what it takes to succeed, secrets to scale & what to expect
  • ​Discovering Your Expertise & Ideal Client
  • ​Story, Teach, Tool Model – The triangle model to a perfect mastermind
  • ​Your Toolbox – Exact tools we use in our events every day!
  • ​Creating Your Agenda – With the help of MindMint, create a bulletproof agenda for your event with drag and drop capabilities.
  • Becoming A Marketing Expert – Philosophy of marketing an event and the hook, story, close (selling framework)
  • ​Event Funnel Blueprint – Anatomy of a sales page, good vs. bad pages & how to know what to charge for your event
  • ​Marketing Wagon Wheel – Learn what platforms to use and how to use them (FB, YT, social media secrets, partners (affiliates) and email
  • ​Application & Order Pages – Pre built webpages that have been tried and tested that you can model exactly for your own event
  • ​The Launch Secrets – Learn what Dean, Tony & Russell took decades to find out and launch your event the right way!
  • Perfect Mastermind Formula – Learn the psychology of running an event & the blueprint to running yours!
  • ​Virtual Event Checklists – Exactly what to do and how to do it
  • ​Perfect In Person Event – Checklist for location, attendee communication, event logistics, what to print, what to do day of, literally everything!
  • ​Final Steps – The entire process STEP BY STEP to a perfect event.
  • Knowledge Broker Formula: What it means to be a broker, getting the yes and how to create a business around brokering someone else’s knowledge. Same concept Tony did with Jim Rohn!
MindMint Software
  • Consolidate expenses into one – Design, accept payments, & fulfill all with one system
  • ​Event Builder – Build an event from scratch using our structure for the perfect event formula
  • ​Wisdom Extractor – Build your agenda in 15 minutes with drag & drop visual capabilities to customize every event with unique tools
  • ​Website Builder – Done for you marketing with pre built pages, pre written emails and both application and sales type funnels
  • ​Customer Tracking & Sales – Beautifully built CRM to track and charge customers for each event
  • ​Pre Designed Checklists – Get both virtual and in person pre loaded event checklists so you don’t miss a thing & have the perfect event
  • ​Integrations – The easiest way to automate your work, integrate with over 1300 websites and applications!
If you buy the KBB course from this website you will receive these three WordPress courses and a Ultimate WP Reference Manual book as a bonus:

  • WPM-19-DIY-WordPress Entrepreneurship-Complete Course – w/o coaching ($597 value)
  • Ultimate WordPress Manual – 600 pages ($297 value)
  • Done-For-You WordPress Website ($497) – you will be able to copy in matter of minutes
  • I will help find the right domain for your business using specialized software ($50 value) – you will provide your main 3 keywords

Total bonus value: $1,441

Watch the KBB on how to become a course creator training here.

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